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Walmart Goes Vegan. Can you shop for vegan items at Walmart? I’ll admit that I don’t visit Walmart often to go shopping. When I do go there, the thought of buying food never crosses my mind. However, my opinion did change when Jason Wrobel and I continued our mission to find healthy vegan options at nation wide big box retailers. After walking out of the store, we can definitely say that you can go vegan at Walmart with our Walmart vegan grocery haul. We had already visited Costco and Target and felt the bar was set pretty high for vegan options. My expectations for shopping vegan at Walmart were pretty low. Once we walked into the store, we were immediately greeted with an enormous produce section. This section was huge and full of not only convention options, but a lot of organic items as well. I think the biggest score in this section was a Go Go Goji Superfood Salad with kale, carrots, cabbage, beans, goji berries, cashews, broccoli, cauliflower and sesame seeds with a green tea matcha dressing. I almost dropped the camera when we found this in Walmart. Not to mention kale chips, berries and cold press juices. The produce section was on point. Plenty of Vegan options at Walmart. During our stroll throughout the rest of the store, we found so countless vegan items at Walmart. There are just too many to list, but can see them all in the video. However, we did notice a common theme as we walked the aisles. The amount of chia seed infused foods. From snacks, jellies, oils…it was everywhere, which is great to see. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with all the vegan items at Walmart.


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