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Aldi Goes Vegan w/ Jason Wrobel Can you shop for vegan items at Aldi or have you wondered how to shop vegan at Aldi? After Jason Wrobel and I walked out of the store, we can definitely say that you can go vegan at Aldi with our Aldi vegan grocery haul. I was excited to see what vegan items we would find at Aldi. There were plenty of vegan options at Aldi. We share all the vegan items we found at Aldi so you know exactly what you find when shopping at Aldi. While doing this, we realized this quickly became an epic Aldi vegan haul. From organic produce, snacks, drink and your daily needs, shopping for vegan food at Aldi was easy for this vegan haul at Aldi. The prices are great too, so you can easily do am Aldi haul on a budget. Vegan shopping at Aldi has never been easier. After we completed our Aldi vegan shopping trip, vegan Aldi does exist!


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