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Target Goes Vegan! Jason Wrobel and I continue our quest for vegan options. This time we are at Target as we go shopping for vegan food at Target. After our successful trip for vegan items at Costco, we wanted to see how many vegan items we could find at Target and see if Target goes vegan as well. The first thing we saw when entering the store were bananas. After that, we ran into the protein aisle and we were both really impressed with the vegan options at Target. From vegan protein powders to superfoods, they have you covered. After that we moved onto the snacks and found some really amazing vegan options at Target. From cereal, snacks, name it, Target had plenty of vegan options for you to choose from. We were also impressed with the amount of vegan and healthy canned fruits and vegetables. Along with rice, quinoa and even an organic coconut oil from Crisco. The frozen food aisle at Target was packed with vegan food options. Ice cream, burritos, plenty of vegan food at Target from Sweet Earth, Beyond Meat and Gardein. It was really great to see prepackaged smoothie mixes that were vegan, as well as non-dairy vegan items as milk substitutes, including a new favorite, Ripple milk. In addition to the non-dairy milk options, there was also a ton of fresh, cold press juices and healthy alternatives. Such as Mamma Chia, Kevita and Bhakti Chai. Vegan shopping at Target has never been easier! We were really impressed with all the vegan options at Target and happy to report that if you're going to be shopping at Target for vegan food, you will have plenty of vegan options at Target. We can definitely say that Target goes vegan!


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