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FitBit Alta Review. I'm going to give you my honest review if the FitBit Alta based on using the FitBit Alta for over a year. Is the FitBit Alta the best fitness tracker? Is the FitBit Alta fitness tracker right for you?

The Fitbit Alta setup is quick. Take the Alta out of the box, download the Fitbit app and sync the device. The Fitbit Alta displays the time and date on the face. You can configure how you want this information displayed on the Fitbit Alta through the app.

When looking at the Alta for the first time, you’ll see that it is one of the most narrow fitness trackers on the market. It’s meant to be a tracker that is stylish. The wristbands on the Fitbit Alta are interchangeable. They have different colors and designs, although I always just wore the standard black wristband.

The Fitbit Alta comes with All-Day Activity Tracking, Smart Track, Auto Sleep Tracking, Reminders to Move and Call, Text and Calendar Alerts. With the All-Day Activity Tracking, you can keep track of your steps, distance, calories active minutes, hourly activity and stationary time. The Smart Track feature allows the Fitbit Alta to automatically recognize what exercise you’re doing and will track that automatically.

The Auto Sleep tracking is also nice. On older Fitbit devices, you were required to inform the Fitbit that you were going to bed, by tapping on it. The fact that this is automatic is really nice. The reminders on the Fitbit Alta is a really great feature. Movement throughout the day is important for your overall health. The Alta will buzz with you reminders to move during the day.

The call, text and calendar alerts were less impressive to me. When you receive the message on your phone, it does send a message to the Alta, but it scrolls once and you cannot go back and see past notifications.

The Fitbit Alta is water resistant, but not water proof. Fitbit states the battery life for the Alta is 5 days, which I found to pretty accurate. To charge the Fitbit Alta, you need to use their proprietary charger.

This completes my FitBit Alta review. Overall, I think the Fitbit Alta is both designed and built well. It’s a good fitness tracker for someone who is looking for a stylish yet simple device to track steps, distance and calories.


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