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Costco Goes Vegan. I teamed up with Jason Wrobel to see how many vegan items we can find at Costco. Jason hasn't been to Costco in 5 years, so he was interested to see how many vegan items are to Costco. The last time he was there, they only had cereal and orange juice. So how many vegan items can we find at Costco...let's find out. The first thing we checked out were the snacks. There were definitely a lot of vegan snacks at Costco. From crackers, kale chips, chocolate and dried fruit, Costco had a lot of healthy vegan snacks. Vegan at Costco is off to a good start. As we continued our Costco goes vegan mission, we came across protein powder. We were pleasantly surprised with the vegan protein powders at Costco, offering both vega and orgain. Next were the canned vegetables, nuts, seeds, quinoa, etc. Needless to say, Costco goes vegan was a success in these aisles. Plenty of healthy vegan items at Costco to choose from. We then found ourselves in the fruit and juice section and another successful find of vegan items at Costco. I expected to find fruit, but the variety of vegan juices, from suja, mamma chia, water melon juice, coconut water, they have you covered from vegan options at Costco. We finished up in the frozen food section and plenty of vegan items at Costco in this section as well. Overall, a successful trip and plenty of reason to go back. There are plenty of vegan items at Costco, so I'll definitely be going back there again soon. As we stated, Costco goes vegan.


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