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The Perfect Vegan? / Are You Vegan Enough. I'm joined by my friend Elana today (aka Klean-Slate) as we discuss the topic of being the perfect vegan and how this topic can turn people away from even thinking about going vegan. It's easy for people to not want to try when they are worried about being the perfect vegan or what if they are not vegan enough. If they do something that is considered wrong by the vegan police and even get attacked for it since they weren't being the perfect vegan, why would they even want to learn how to go vegan. Becoming vegan is personal, and there are so many benefits to going vegan. Sometimes we need to show more compassion as a community, to people who have been vegan for a while or those who are just starting. There is no such thing as the perfect vegan or not being vegan enough, and I hope this video can help you or someone you know.


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