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Whole Food Vegan Weight Loss / 50 Pound Vegan Weight Loss

Whole Food Vegan Weight Loss / 50 Pound Vegan Weight Loss. Today I interview Norma and we talk about her whole food vegan weight loss journey. Norma initially lost 50 pounds after going vegan. During this time, she was eating a whole food plant based diet. Eating not only vegan, but a whole food diet, was the main reason for her weight loss and her experiencing these amazing results. However, after being whole food plant based for a while, she transitioned out of that. She remained vegan, but didn't eat as many whole foods. This is something that many people experience and it's important to share. Many people go vegan for health or weight loss, but it's still important to look at the quality of the food that you're eating. I hope you enjoy Norma's story and remember that there is no perfect diet for everyone. You need to find what works well for you.


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