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Yuca Fries / Yuca Frita Recipe

Yuca Fries / Yuca Frita Recipe. We continue with our vegan recipe from El Salvador with Norma as we make yuca fries, also known as yuca frita. Yuca fries are made from the yuca root, and if you've ever wondered how to make yuca fries, you've came to the right place. These yuca fries are easy to make. You can serve them as boiled yuca fries, baked yuca fries or fried yuca fries. Boiled and baked yuca fries are the healthier option while fried yuca fries will give more of a traditional flavor. It's important to remember that these are yuca fries and not yucca fries. When you spell yucca fries with two c's, it's referring to a plant and and not the yuca root. I hope you enjoyed this yuca fires, or yuca fritas, recipe and be sure to watch our other vegan recipes with Norma below:


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