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Veggie Grill Taste Test / Vegan Chicken Taste Test. This time, I took my friend Ahmed to Veggie Grill for the first time to try some vegan fast food, including the Santa Fe Chickin' Sandwich, Mondo Nachos and Buffalo Wings from Veggie Grill.

I wasn't sure if he was going to like everything at Veggie Grill, especially since he hadn't been to Veggie Grill before. As soon as we walked in to Veggie Grill, we placed our order and the Veggie Grill Taste Test was under way.

All the food came out at the same time and the first bite was from the vegan buffalo wings. Ahmed was blown away how great they tasted...even commenting that they tasted just like chicken. Not bad for some vegan buffalo wings at Veggie Grill.

The vegan nachos and Santa Fe Crispy Chickin' sandwich were next up during out veggie grill taste test and they both passed with flying colors. It was great to see the reaction from Ahmed trying Veggie Grill for the first time and loving this vegan chicken sandwich, vegan nachos and vegan buffalo wings during our Veggie Grill taste test. This Veggie Grill taste test was a huge success.


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