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Vegan Yogurt Taste Test / Non Dairy Yogurt Review

Vegan Yogurt Taste Test / Non Dairy Yogurt Review. We continue with our dairy free taste test series with this vegan yogurt review! Natalie joins me as try 5 different dairy free yogurt options, including Kite Hill yogurt and So Delicious yogurt. There have been a lot of vegan yogurt options hitting the market recently, but as we see in this video, not all vegan vegan yogurts taste the same. So Delicious and Kite Hill have been the leaders lately, but a lot other companies are joining in with vegan and non-dairy yogurt options of their own. We put them to the test to see which vegan yogurt actually tastes the best. Let me know what dairy free yogurt you like the best and what you thought of Natalie's choice for her favorite vegan yogurt!


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