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Vegan Salvadoran Quesadilla / Salvadoran Food

Vegan Salvadoran Quesadilla / Salvadoran Food. Norma is back with another vegan Salvadoran recipe as we show you how to make vegan Salvadoran quesadillas. These Salvadorian quesadillas are not like the quesadillas you may be used to having. Salvadoran quesadillas are more like a dessert bread. You can think of this as a vegan cheese bread recipe, but very sweet. These vegan Salvadoran quesadillas are amazing and you can't tell they are vegan. I've enjoyed learning about different Salvadoran food and having Norma share these vegan recipes with me. If you haven't seen the other Salvadorian recipes that we made vegan, I will list them below. I hope you enjoyed this video and let me know what you want to see next!


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