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Vegan Empanadas Made with Plantains / Salvadorian Empanadas

Vegan Empanadas Made with Plantains / Salvadorian Empanadas. Today we are making vegan empanadas! My friend Norma joins me to show us how to make vegan empanadas made with plantains. So if you want to learn how to make Salvadorian empanadas, you came to the right place. A lot of empanadas are made with a dough, but this vegan empanadas recipe is made with plantains. This is how traditional empanadas are made in El Salvador and this recipe is already vegan, since it's made with just plantains and beans. These vegan empanadas are more like a dessert, since you have the sweet plantains on the outside. I hope you enjoy these vegan empanadas and be on the lookout for more vegan Salvadorian recipes soon!


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