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The IN-N-OUT Veggie Burger. You can call this burger the IN-N-OUT veggie burger or the IN-N-OUT vegan burger. There has been a lot of talk lately about IN-N-OUT offering a vegan burger on their menu. The biggest issue I hear from a lot of people is that a veggie burger or vegan burger will not taste very good. I decided to figure our for myself if my friend would actually enjoy a vegan burger. To do this, we hit up a vegan restaurant called By Chloe in Los Angeles. My friend was a little skeptical, since he had never tried a vegan burger, or even a veggie burger that he liked. I told him this vegan burger will taste just like an IN-N-OUT burger. After the first bite, he was sold. This vegan burger tasted just like an IN-N-OUT burger. We decided to call it the IN-N-OUT veggie burger, or more specifically, the IN-N-OUT vegan burger.


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