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Beyond Burger vs Impossible Burger / Vegan Burger Taste Test. It's time for an epic vegan burger taste test! My friend Ra'Shon is trying the beyond meat beyond burger and the impossible burger as install the first ever beyond burger vs impossible burger video here on the channel. Both of these options are vegan burger that taste like beef, and Ra'Shon still eats meat, so he will be able to tell us if these vegan burger really are vegan burgers that taste like beef. When featuring the impossible burger vs beyond burger, we had to make it as even as possible. So both of these vegan burgers have the same toppings. We picked up the Beyond Burger from Veggie Grill and the Impossible Burger from Fat Burger. In addition to being a beyond meat burger vs impossible burger, this can also be looked at as an individual vegan burger taste, as both the beyond burger and the impossible meatless burger we eaten separately. So if you want a beyond burger review or an impossible burger review, so you have that as well. The impossible vegan burger took the early lead, as it was the first vegan burger he tried, but a couple bites into the beyond meat beyond burger and things started to change. Of course, he then added a special sauce we picked up at Veggie Grill with the beyond burger and he added to both the beyond burger and the impossible burger for a true comparison. You'll also be surprised to see what happens when he tries the beyond burger and the impossible burger without the bun and toppings. This vegan burger taste test is full of surprises. So sit back and watch this epic battle and beyond burger review and impossible burger review all happen at once!


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