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The Beyond Burger by Beyond Meat. I’ve only been vegan a few years, so I can still remember the taste and texture of meat. More specifically, that of a hamburger. So when I had the opportunity to fire up the grill and check out The Beyond Burger by Beyond Meat, I knew I had to do this right.

These are not to be confused with the Beast Burger by Beyond Meat. The Beast Burger comes already cooked and is available in the frozen food aisle. The Beyond Burger by Beyond Meat will need to be cooked and is located in the meat department of the grocery store. This is perfect since they look and feel like a raw hamburger. The first thing we noticed is how well they cook on a grill. When you try to cook most vegan and veggie burger on a grill, you can always count on loosing some pieces into the fire. However, the beyond burger by Beyond Meat didn’t have that problem at all. In fact. they produced such awesome grill marks, it will easily be mistaken for a traditional meat burger.

Once the barbecue is ready, just grill these burgers up to perfection! You can enjoy them with any toppings you prefer. Feel free to go a little crazy like we did, or keep thing simple with a traditional BLT. For the Guacamole Burger, we all had to unhinge our jaws since the burger was too big to eat! We were amazed at how much The Beyond Burger by Beyond Meat tasted like a traditional meat burger.


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