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TGI Friday's goes vegan with the Beyond Burger. You don't expect a vegan burger at TGI Fridays, but that's exactly what we ordered when me friends Alavaro and Suson went their with me. TGI Fridays is now serving the beyond Burger from beyond meat at all their locations nationwide. So you can now order a TGI Fridays vegan burger, so ordering vegan at TGI Fridays just became a lot easier.

To see restaurants like TGI Fridays vegan friendly options, like the beyond meat burger , make ordering vegan at restaurants so easy. Having the beyond burger at TGI Fridays will expose so many new people to a vegan burger. People who never would have tried a vegan burger, a beyond burger or anything vegan at TGI Fridays may now give it a shot and do their own vegan and beyond burger review and beyond burger taste test to see for themselves. This is a positive sign. Ordering the beyond burger at TGI Fridays is just the beginning, as more and more restaurants are making ordering vegan and eating vegan so easy.


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