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Ordering vegan at Chipotle. I had the great opportunity to meet up with Michelle from World of Vegan, who is a Chipotle expert, so she showed me the tricks to ordering vegan at Chipotle. Chipotle has a lot of vegan options, so ordering vegan at Chipotle is a lot easier than you think. Almost everything is already vegan, with the exception of the meat, cheese and sour cream. The biggest thing to remember when ordering vegan at Chipotle is that if you want something that gives you the meat texture, order for the sofritas. Sofritas are made out of tofu, but taste great with all the spices and flavors they use. I have taken my friends, who aren’t vegan, to Chipotle try these, and they all agree that they are delicious.

When ordering vegan at Chipotle, you can order a salad, bowl, burrito or taco. Basically, anything you would order with meat, you can order vegan at Chipotle. Which means you can order a sofritas taco, sofritas burrito, sofritas bowl and sofritas salad. This makes it very convenient, especially when out with friends and you want to eat at a place where there is something for everyone. When you’re out and about and want to grab something to eat, remember that ordering vegan at Chipotle is simple and easy!


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