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How to Order Vegan Food at Disneyland. I recently went to Disneyland with one mission, to figure out how to order vegan at Disneyland. I have to admit that I wasn't expecting to find much. Granted, it is known as the happiest place on earth, but can I find enough options to keep me happy? It's been a long time since I had been to Disneyland, and never since being vegan. I passed through the entrance and started the mission of how to order vegan at Disneyland on Main Street USA.

The first few places I cam across were a cafe and candy store. Neither of these options scream vegan to me, but I decided to check them out. Surprisingly, I found out that the Mickey Mouse pretzel is vegan in the cafe. With this success, I decided to see what I can find in the candy store. To my surprise, they had a bag of kettle corn that was vegan. It was the only vegan thing that I can find in the Disneyland candy store. Keep in mind that even though this kettle corn is vegan, the popcorn they sell on the streets comes packaged with butter.

I continued to walk around Disneyland, I went into every restaurant I could find and asked for their vegan options. From pizza places, gumbo and snacks, there were so many options. Almost every place was able to offer me something, even if it wasn't on the menu. Not only was I able to find food, there was fresh fruit and fruit juices everywhere. This is really great during the summer when it's hot and you need to stay hydrated.

In addition to the great variety of vegan options, every employee I spoke with was so friendly and happy to help me. Many restaurants also have separate allergy and specialty menus, so learning how to order vegan at Disneyland was so simple. Overall, I had a great experience and happy to report that ordering vegan at Disneyland is surprisingly easy!


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