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Curtido Recipe / How to Make Curtido for Pupusas

Curtido Recipe / How to Make Curtido for Pupusas. In this vegan cooking video, we show you how to make curtido. The best thing about this curtido recipe, or any curtido recipe, is that it's already vegan! So you can also call this a vegan curtido recipe if you like. Curtido is a dish from El Salvador and you will see it used mainly on pupusas. However, you can also curtido on almost any savory dish. Curtido is basically fermented cabbage and full of healthy ingredients. The best thing about curtido is that also gets better a few days after you make it. Mix all the ingredients together, toss the curtido in the fridge and you're ready to go. Get ready because next, we're going to show you a few Salvadoran recipes that require curtido, so stay tuned!


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