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Del Taco Goes Vegan / Beyond Meat at Del Taco

Del Taco Goes Vegan / Beyond Meat at Del Taco. Ordering vegan at Del Taco has never been easier. Del Taco has teamed with Beyond Meat for their vegan options. You can now go to Del Taco and order Beyond Meat vegan burritos and Beyond Meat vegan tacos at Del Taco. My friend Ivanna, who is not vegan, gave each of these vegan options at Del Taco a try in this vegan taste test. You can order these Del Taco Beyond Meat tacos and vegan burritos at all locations nationwide. Del Taco first started serving the Beyond Tacos and recently added the Beyond Burrito to their menu. It's great to see places like Del Taco adding vegan options with these Beyond Meat tacos and burritos.


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